How do you feel about strangers touching your baby when out and about?

We’ve all been there before. You’re at the supermarket with your precious newborn tucked safely inside their pram when a total stranger begins a conversation with you. They tell you how adorable your baby is, how special ‘this time’ is and how fast it goes. And then, without warning, they reach out and stick their (probably un-sanitised) finger towards your germ-vulnerable infant… they touch your baby without your consent and faster than you can say “do you mind?!”. Without trying to be rude you gently manoeuvre the pram away from their well-intended advances but it’s too late for that, your baby has been handled without your permission.

Stop don;t touch my baby

Many parents cringe inwardly when strangers touch their baby, our instinct is to protect, and although 99% of the time it’s not the end of the world, it’s an uncomfortable situation that we’d rather avoid. Media attention has recently shined light on the dangers of exposing infants to the herpes simplex virus, or in layman’s terms, cold sores. People with HSV-1 infection — either with or without cold sores — can shed the virus and transmit it to others, and they can do so when they plant a kiss, or accidentally spit, on your newborn (eww!) and with potentially fatal results. So, there are valid reasons why parents may want to prevent strangers from coming into contact with their little one. But how do we do this without hurting feelings or making a situation really super awkward? It’s simple! Put a physical barrier between your baby and the outside world.

The award winning breathable UV fabric not only offers good protection from the elements, but from strangers as well. It keeps your baby completely enclosed with secure zips and can also help to maintain your baby’s sleep schedule – BONUS!

This high protection sun and sleep shade fits your pram with ease and provides zero opportunity for random peeps to touch your child. Babies are safely sheltered inside the Shade-a-Babe.

Featuring a full-length double-zip opening, it is the perfect quick-fit cover for your pram, and when you need it to be, a great impediment to stop unknown and unfamiliar people reaching in to caress your baby.

When you are a new parent there are many things you may worry about, and if using a physical block to stop this situation from happening makes you feel more at ease, then do it! It’s not melodramatic to want to minimise exposure to bugs when they are so little. Really, it’s just good common sense.

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