Sun & Safety Tips

A young persons skin is more susceptible to UV radiation damage and can burn easily.

Sun exposure in the first 10 years of life affects your child’s lifetime potential for Skin Cancer. It is therefore imperative that you take precautions to protect your family from this risk.

The Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia, together with Outlook promote the following sun-safe practices:

1. Apply SPF30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours. for babies look for a sunscreen labelled as sensitive for young children.

2. Try to cover as much of your child’s skin as possible, with lightweight, loose clothing.

3. Seek shade when-ever possible and use a good quality, recognised pram shade.

4. Choose a broad-brimmed legionnaire or bucket style hat that protects your child’s face, head, neck and ears.

5. Avoid being outside between 10am and 2pm (11am to 3pm during daylight savings) when the sun is at it’s hottest. Remember that whilst cloud blocks out sunlight it does not block UV radiation.

6. Use good quality sunglasses that are a close fitting, wrap around style. Whilst in a pram, use a shade cover with a UPF50+ drop down section that shields the eyes.

7. UV rays can enter through the side windows of a car so use a car shade that covers the whole window.

Be sun-safe everyday and be a good role model.


The AutoShade is designed to shield your baby if they are in direct sunlight.


Protect your child’s eyes from UV damage by using 100% UV blocking wraparound sunglasses.


Nothing beats putting something between sun and skin!


Always make sure your child gets plenty of water.


Provide an extra layer of protection when you are out and about.


The UV rating of every batch of Outlook sun protection fabric is independently tested and assigned a Pip code by the testing laboratory which is shown on the product label.
Pip Code Pip Code Description PDF Download
UK 2211 and UK 2311 Shade-a-babe Single Layer Solar Screen Mesh Download PDF
UK 2211 and UK 2311 Shade-a-babe Double Layer Solar Screen Mesh Download PDF
UK 2011 Shade-a-babe Cherry Drop Down Visor Download PDF
UK 2211 and UK 2311 Shade-a-babe Black Drop Down Visor Download PDF
UK 2211 and UK 2311 Solar Shade Black Download PDF
UK 2311 and UK 2411 Auto_shade Single Layer Download PDF
UK 2311 and UK 2411 Auto_shade Double Layer Download PDF