How to keep your baby safe in the sun

WARNING: The dangerous pram mistakes being made and how keep your baby safe in the sun!

Recently the media has drawn attention to the dangers of using a muslin cloth or blanket to shelter your baby from the sun and heat when in a pram or capsule.

A seemingly harmless and well-intentioned act, parents are often unaware of the potential hazards of this common practice which actually increases – not decreases – the heat inside a pram or capsule as air circulation is obstructed.

Parents naturally want to protect their children from the harsh Australian sun as they are aware that little people are susceptible to overheating and the potential risks this can pose to their baby. SIDS Australia has linked thermal stress to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, so it is imperative to minimise sun and heat exposure wherever possible.

How can parents safely protect their baby from the elements?

With a design that has been perfected over two decades, the shade-a-babe has been created by Outlookbaby to shield your child from the sun and its damaging UV rays and heat.

Shade a babe Pram Sun Shade

Unlike overseas brands, the Australian made shade-a-babe blocks up to 99% of UV rays while still enabling cross flow ventilation thanks to the soft solar-screen™ mesh.

Outlookbaby UV fabric has been tested by the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safe Agency) to ensure its quality and ability to deliver effective sun protection.

Safely screening bub from the sun and recommended by the Australian Skin and Cancer Foundation, the sheer mesh allows parents to see their baby easily and the infant to view his or her environment unimpeded, acting like sunglasses for their eyes.

Simple to put on or remove, the shade-a-babe has been cleverly designed to make life easy for parents.

Created to unfasten effortlessly on a moving pram, simply open to ensure cross ventilation which will help your baby to remain cool and comfortable.

Our hot Australian climate means that sun safety is a necessity, and on days when the temperature is exceptionally high it is a good idea to try and stay out of the sun from 11am – 3pm.

Using the Outlook Shade-a-babe means parents can rest easy knowing they are safe-guarding their baby against the harmful effects of the sun whilst still enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle that is synonymous with Australian culture.

To learn more about sun protection for babies, toddlers and children, visit the Sun Smart website for expert advice and information: