The benefits of using a pram liner for your baby's comfort and hygiene

baby in pram with gingham pram liner

When it comes to taking care of your little one, comfort and hygiene are essential. One way to ensure that your baby is comfortable and hygienic while in their pram is to use a pram liner. A pram liner is a removable and washable cushion that is placed in the pram. Here are some benefits of using a pram liner for your baby's comfort and hygiene:

Provides extra cushioning

A pram liner provides extra cushioning for your baby's delicate body. Most prams come with either thin padding, or even no padding at all which can be uncomfortable for your baby. A pram liner provides an additional layer of softness that can make your baby's ride much more comfortable.

Keeps the pram clean

Babies are messy, and it's not uncommon for them to drool, spit up, or have nappy leaks while in their pram. A pram liner can help keep the pram clean by acting as a barrier between your baby and the pram's fabric. The pram liner can easily be removed and washed, so you can keep your baby's pram clean and hygienic.

Protects the pram

In addition to keeping the pram clean, a pram liner can also protect the pram's fabric from wear and tear. Over time, your baby's movements can cause the pram's fabric to become worn and faded. A pram liner can help to protect the pram from these effects, keeping it looking new for longer.

Regulates temperature

A pram liner can help to regulate your baby's body temperature. During the summer months, the pram's fabric can become hot and uncomfortable, causing your baby to become irritable. A pram liner made from breathable materials can help to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Similarly, during the colder months, a pram liner made from warmer materials can help to keep your baby cozy and warm.

Adds a personal touch

Pram liners come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. By choosing a pram liner that matches your style and personality, you can add a personal touch to your baby's pram.  Outlook baby offers a diverse range of pram liners in different colours and patterns to suit your personal style. Because who said prams have to be boring?!

Easy to clean

As mentioned earlier, pram liners are easy to clean. They can be removed from the pram and washed in the washing machine, making them a convenient choice for busy parents. By using a pram liner, you can keep your baby's pram clean and hygienic without having to spend hours scrubbing it down. We recommend having 2-3 liners that you can easily switch out when one needs cleaning, so you are never caught out without a clean pram liner!


Pram liners are versatile and can be used in a variety of different prams. The Outlook Baby pram liners are guaranteed to fit your pram or your money back - so whether you have a traditional or modern pram, an Outlook baby liner will fit it. 

Using a pram liner can provide a number of benefits for your baby's comfort and hygiene. From providing extra cushioning to keeping the pram clean and protecting it from wear and tear, a pram liner is a versatile and convenient choice for parents.  Outlook baby has a range of gorgeous pram liners, and you’ll be sure to find a colour or pattern to match your style and personality. Add a personal touch to your baby's pram while keeping them comfortable and hygienic.