Celebrating 23 Years

Grassroots company OutlookBaby has taken great pride for the last 23 years in producing, multi-award winning, innovative, quality products for families around the globe. The OutlookBaby collection consists of a wide range of products that provide On-the-go Protection & Comfort for everyday families including the Shade-A-Babe, Auto-shade and ever-popular Cotton Pram Liners.

OutlookBaby was born from necessity when new parents Eileen and husband Tom, were confronted with the lack of quality baby-safe products catering for out-and-about parents and their babies. Eileen and Tom loved taking walks with their newborn Tara, but found that many prams did not offer adequate sun protection. That was all the incentive Eileen needed launching OutlookBaby in 1997 with her flagship product the Shade-A-Babe pram cover.This innovative product was the first in line of many best-selling OutlookBaby products. In 2002, Eileen was again motivated by a gap in the market. The Auto-Shade was developed as she struggled to protect her 2nd born Tessa from sun exposure and glare when out and about in the car.

Eileen built Outlook from the ground up, taking a great idea and turning it into a profitable family owned company. Eileen credits family support, remaining true to her ideals and her ability to build a strong team as the keys to her continued success. The team at OutlookBaby continue to love what they do, so you can expect to see OutlookBaby products out-and-about for the next 20 plus years.